Central to Miss Yoon’s approach is her belief that pregnancy is a natural, healthy condition and that childbirth is a normal physiological event for a woman. Whilst the safety of mother and baby is her priority, she believes every woman has the right to choose the type of support and obstetric care she would like to receive, be it natural or assisted delivery.

Whilst many of the pregnancies Miss Yoon looks after are uncomplicated, she is very adept in managing a wide range of obstetric and neonatal emergencies. This experience was gained during a number of years working at the UK’s leading teaching hospitals, all of which are referral centres for high risk pregnancies and have obstetric units delivering 3,500 to 6,000 babies a year.

jeannie yoon and team

Miss Yoon offers a complete antenatal, delivery and postnatal maternity care service. She has created two obstetric care packages, both of which start at 11 weeks gestation, designed to provide the very best, personal consultant-led support.

Monthly Antenatal Care Package
Designed for patients who do not require obstetric care for the full term of their pregnancy, this monthly package includes a full schedule of antenatal consultations with Miss Yoon and her 24-hour on-call service from 11 weeks gestation until such time as patients leave her care. Scans, blood tests and investigations are not included in this package.

Full Obstetric Care Package
Starting at 11 weeks gestation, this programme extends until six weeks post-delivery. The package includes a full schedule of antenatal consultations with Miss Yoon; her 24-hour on-call service throughout this entire period; delivery by Miss Yoon (whether natural or assisted); postnatal inpatient and outpatient consultations as required; and a six weeks postnatal consultation. Any extra consultations during this time, either as an inpatient or an outpatient, are also covered in the package, but hospital charges, scans, blood tests and investigations are not included.

jeannie yoon